I finally figured out a mystery.  I'm probably the last one to do it.  

I have wondered for so long about how people find great reclaimed furniture and architectural details.  Ones that are cost effect and inspired design.  When one claims in a magazine that they found an amazing couch at Goodwill for $30 and just had it re-upholstered, I think ...hmmm, right.  

Well, I think I found the answer:  Estate Sales

I went to two estate sales this weekend.  One was at an incredible residence in a particularly wealthy part of Portland.  I found some amazing and inexpensive things, including this fabulous brass ceiling lamp.  My weekends discovery has led me to believe that estate sales, not 'garage' sales, in affluent areas are the way to go.  

There are a few places that I ruled out along the way, given my goals of cost-effective and beautiful.  I did try Goodwill, due to other people's claims.  If anyone found good furniture at Goodwill, it was probably on the East Coast, not here.  I also went to several architectural salvage shops in the design area.  They had some good things, but they are so expensive.  One of my most loved and hated places is Rejuvenation.  They have the most fabulous showroom and array of reclaimed furniture perfection, but the cost matches or exceeds 'new' furniture stores like Restoration HardwareRoom and Board, and Design Within Reach.  It just doesn't feel right to pay more for reclaimed than high quality new, does it?   Maybe once in a while, but not on a regular basis.

I love you Rejuvenation, but I have to get closer to the source to fulfill my designing needs.  Estate sales, here I come.