Yesterday was the first time I had a property on the 'BIG' tour.  I could not have imagined it any better than it was.  We had a constant stream of interested, gracious and motivated people.  There were architects, builders, designers and artists.  Many of the people were homeowners, families, and couples.  Neighbors came over as well as many people from BPS.  We had a politician stop by with his entourage looking for a photo opportunity that conveys his concern for sustainability.  There was also an author that used the Backyard House as the background for her biography shot.  A few people were more interested in the garden and the chickens than the construction project.  It was constant fun, education, and entertainment and the six hours were over in a flash.  The sunny warm weather pulled it all together.  Thank you for the amazingly successful day.  I love you Portland!


05/06/2013 6:09pm

That nest was incredible thanks for sharing


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